Reverend H.W. Smith: “I have various ailments and I suppose this is a further ailment but of what sort I don’t know. I am concerned…and afraid.”

Now cast aside
Until it’s gone, gone with the tide
There is no running
It’s clear
So stand still
The road out of here is none but a dead end

Who’ll know what lies
In the distance
Beyond the skies
That rain
It only adds up
To the rescue what will be
Of all that reflects in thee

Memories lock on as the quietness fills
A desire for a persistent will
Leaves only more scum behind

Nonetheless waters come washing about
The wind and the thoughts that float in
They reminded of a clouded mind

Truly condemned
Turn around
Lives are at stake again
And so is sanity
As a whole
Does change really need any more experience like this

Reverend H.W. Smith: “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m simply losing my mind.”


Martijn Vaassen: leadzang, backing vocal, Squier Telecaster Custom, Epiphone 6-string acoustic, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, JX16, Fender Precision Special , Gretsch drums, Zildjian bekkens, samples

Tekst: Martijn Vaassen
Muziek: Martijn Vaassen, Mattijs Taanman, Ralph van Leeuwen, Mischa Koch, Eefje Cuppen en Jeroen Teunis

Opgenomen en gemixt in The Fuss te Eindhoven door Martijn Vaassen, maart – april 2006

Samples getrokken van Deadwood, episode “Mr Wu”, HBO 2004