I turned the light out

As soothing as they were mad
The times we had
The times we had
And now it leaves me lonely and sad
Just like that
Just like that
When all the frolicking’s been done
Red nails turn into claws
Leaves me squeezed dry like a sponge
As it always does
I put myself behind the wheel
Finding out once more
This automobile
Needs me as a driver

I turned the light out
I killed the tiny spark
I blew the candle
Though I knew I was afraid of the dark
Staring at the black sky
There ain’t a star up above
Now it leaves me roaming through the tunnel of night
Where is the tunnel of love?

Don’t wanna feel the pain anymore
It left me empty and sore
Empty and sore
There was no other choice as to walk out the door
Where did I do it for?
Where did I do it for?
I believed but I had to break
And it tore me apart
How much pain can one man take
In his heart
Take the poison from my veins
Extract the plunger
Until the hurting goes away
And I can leave the dungeon
Martijn Vaassen: leadzang, backing vocal, Bambu CB 625 electric 6-string, Fender Precision Special, Gretsch drums, Zildjian bekkens
Loek Cuypers: Bambu CB 625 electric 6-string

The Naughty Babjor Cossack Choir: Lev Kupchenko, Oleg Slutskaya, Tiwan Nosaresreg, Removitch Skit, Tit Wasayev, Irinei Instinsky, Mstislav Nowident

Tekst en muziek: Martijn Vaassen

Opgenomen in The Fuss te Eindhoven, The Slums te Roermond en Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven door Martijn Vaassen en Loek Cuypers
Gemixt in The Fuss te Eindhoven, door Martijn Vaassen
maart – april 2006