Let me go

It wasn’t the first time
It wasn’t the first time that my past caught up with me
Left me alone with my thoughts of yesterday
And there’s a reason why I’m cryin’
Seems my demons won’t let go
And the worst times are at night
And how I’m feelin’
I don’t think you wanna know

I was feelin’ lonesome
I was feelin’ lonesome and exhausted from the fight
I couldn’t take no more of them cryin’ every night
And I got tangled up in feelings
And thoughts that weren’t my own
And I begged the ghost of the past
To let me go

Spend my time dreamin’
Reminiscing family and loved ones that had gone
But then you cannot change things that are said and done
And to long back for all those memories
Won’t really get me anywhere
And sometimes I wish the lord
Would take ‘em all away for all I care

I tried to mosey
All the time I tried to just let it be
But all the alcohol and pills won’t set me free
And so I tried it just by talkin’
I didn’t know where else to go
As to turn onto the lord
Said let me go

There’s people talkin’
So many people talkin’
Tryin’ to help me through the day
Too many words supposed to make me feel okay
And yeah I do appreciate it
But sometimes it gets too much
And I just feel better off all by myself
‘N just a little out of touch

So let me go…


Martijn Vaassen: Nashville vocal, Kay Chicago Blues Harmonica, Squier Telecaster Custom, Epiphone 6-string acoustic, Grand Suzuki 11-string, Squier P-Bass, Ye Olde Smelly Granny’s Washboard de Luxe, Ludwig Supraphonic snare, Emperador basdrum, Zildjian ride, tamboerijn

Featuring Jay on the Tele

Tekst en muziek: Martijn Vaassen

Opgenomen en gemixt in The Fuss te Eindhoven door Martijn Vaassen, begin mei – begin juni 2006