Rearrange It

Droid vocal:
Instead of stagnation I guess in essence I prefer movement
Examining this ego
What does it hold?
Secrets revealed by fire
Secrets I don’t know where they’re coming from
But leaving it alone means it can never ever change into something which is actually good
Which will always be just good

Tie a tighter knot despite the hurt
There is no welcome here for early birds
Let’s give it some time but time has caught up
And now without a net the tightrope’s strung up
Can not sleep, can not be awake
A 24/7 body and soul ache
All appeared as bright as a cloudless sky
Aware of the rain, which will come by and by

Rearrange it

Staring at pages, nothing computes
All that’s left is an imprint, a residue of dispute
The devil feeds suspicion and manipulates
He screws my concentration and that’s all that it takes
For unbreakable philosophies to become distorted words
Tie a tighter knot despite the hurt
I’m standing in the rain and I dont want it to stop
Until the fat lady sings or the very last drop

Rearrange it

How come when she isn’t here I keep thinking ‘bout sex
But when she is around me I just want to relax
And lay my love life on the shelf to gather even more dust
Because exposing it to moisture means scraping off rust
There are things about people that they don’t teach you in school
They’re like Uri Geller except they’re bending rules
Regarding being trampled upon I can compete
With Shaftesbury Avenue or 42nd Street

Rearrange it


Martijn Vaassen: zang, vocoder, Squier Telecaster Custom, Fender Rhodes, arpeggiator synths, Moog bass, Premier drums, Zildjian bekkens

Tekst en muziek: Martijn Vaassen

Opgenomen en gemixt in 10 ft. Pole Studios en The Epic Centre, Eindhoven door Martijn Vaassen, mei – oktober 2013